Oral Health Quiz 2023: MCQs With Answers, Theme & History of World Oral Health Day



World Oral Health Day 2023 is a yearly event celebrated on March 20th that is commemorated all around the world. It emphasizes the advantages of excellent oral health, raises knowledge of oral diseases, and encourages the upkeep of oral hygiene. The F.D.I. World Dental Federation sponsors and promotes the holiday, which has established itself as a premier arena for talking about dental health and oral hygiene. On this day, dentists and oral hygienists use a variety of platforms to spread the word about various treatments and encourage people to practice excellent oral hygiene.

World Oral Health Day 2023: Overview

Here below is an overview of World Oral Health Day 2023 which includes the theme, history, and significance of WOHD. 


“Be Proud of Your Mouth” will serve as the campaign theme for World Oral Health Day from 2021 to 2023. The emphasis is on raising people’s awareness of their oral hygiene and guiding them in making the best choices to safeguard it. Additionally, how maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial to our happiness and well-being.


It was established in 2007 and first observed on September 12, the originator of FDI, Dr. Charles Godon’s birthday. The campaign did not begin until 2013, and the original March 20th date was adjusted to prevent a conflict with the September FDI World Dental Congress.

Oral diseases affect many individuals around the world, but they can be prevented by increasing awareness, promoting education, and disseminating the necessary information. Additionally, this day is observed in order to support and raise money for programs for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. All NDA members, including those in governmental and non-governmental organizations, the media, and other groups, are urged by FDI to get involved in local, national, and international initiatives aimed at promoting oral health.

World Oral Health Quiz 2023

An online quiz on oral health is being organized by the National Oral Health Programme, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the Centre for Dental Education and Research AIIMS, New Delhi, and MyGov to raise awareness of oral health and to help people understand preventive measures to keep their teeth in good condition. Those who win the quiz will be awarded some cash prizes. The cash prizes for the first three winners are mentioned below: 

  • First Winner: Rs. 3000
  • Second Winner: Rs. 2000
  • Third Winner: Rs. 1000

World Oral Health Quiz 2023 Questions And Answers

Ques 1. How many teeth exist (including wisdom teeth) in the normal adult mouth?

  • 18
  •  30
  •  32

Ans. 32

Ques 2. This type of tooth is pointy, sharp, and made to help tear food:

  •  Molars
  •  Premolars
  •  Incisors
  •  Canine

Ans. Canine

Ques 3. Does having diabetes increase your risk of dental disease?

  • Yes
  • No

Ans. Yes

Ques 4. E-Cigarettes are harmless

  • TRUE
  •  FALSE

Ans. False

Ques 5. How often should you brush your teeth?

  • Once a day
  •  Twice a day
  •  Three times a day
  •  Five times a week

Ans. Twice a day

Ques 6. Habits of biting or sucking fingers can result in the misalignment of teeth

  • TRUE
  •  FALSE

Ans. True

Ques 7. The most common organism that causes dental caries?

  • Bacteria
  •  Virus
  •  Parasites

Ans. Bacteria

Ques 8. Poor dental health is linked to many serious diseases and conditions.

  • TRUE

  •  FALSE

Ans. True

Ques 9. Which of these drinks does not cause dental erosion?

  • Orange juice
  •  Cola drinks
  •  Water
  •  Energy drinks

Ans. Water

Ques 10. What is dental erosion?

  • Tooth decay
  •  The dissolving of tooth enamel by acids in food or drink
  •  Destruction of tooth material by wear
  •  Attacks on teeth by bacteria

Ans. The dissolving of tooth enamel by acids in food or drink

Oral Health Quiz 2023 FAQs

Q.1 What will the 2023 World Oral Health Day theme be?
Ans.1 ‘Be Proud of Your Mouth’ is the topic for World Oral Health Day in 2023 this year.

Q.2 What makes National Oral Health Day special?
Ans.2 The main goal of World Oral Health Day is to increase awareness of oral disorders among people who deal with them or suffer from them.

Q.3 Why is good oral hygiene important?
Ans.3 Gum disease, tooth decay, and poor breath are just a few of the ailments that can be prevented by practicing basic oral hygiene.

Q.4 When was the first World Oral Health Day observed?

Initiated by the FDI World Dental Federation, World Oral Health Day was first marked on September 12, 2007, as World Oral Health Awareness Day.

Q.5 Do the winners of the quiz are awarded some prize?
Ans.5 Yes, the first three winners of the quiz are awarded cash prizes.