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The Board of Secondary Education organises Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test annually to recruit eligible candidates for the post of teachers in Class 1st to 8th in government schools of Odisha. OTET comprises two exam categories- Category- 1 (for classes 1st to 5th) and category- 2 (for classes 6th to 8th), namely Paper 1 and 2 respectively. To perform well in this Exam, candidates should know the Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022.

BSE Odisha officials release the OTET 2022 syllabus online. Applicants should cover the entire syllabus of OTET 2022 to qualify for the Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test. Candidates can go to the official website and check out the OTET Odisha syllabus at On this web page, we have provided vital details regarding the OTET exam syllabus. The article contains important subjects and chapters for the OTET syllabus 2022 Paper- 1 & 2. Read the article thoroughly to get complete information about the Odisha OTET syllabus 2022.

Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022 Details

Candidates can download the official notification to know about their OTET Odisha syllabus. Below we have also shared the syllabus of OTET 2022 Paper 1 and 2. You must ensure to cover every topic of the OTET syllabus to be qualified with good marks in this exam. The syllabus is described section-wise for each paper.

OTET Syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 

Child Development and Pedagogy

  • The cognitive, physical, social, emotional and moral development of the child.
  • Understanding Child Development during Childhood.
  • Understanding Learners and Learning Process.
  • Development of creative thinking.
  • Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with special needs.
  • Assessment.
  • Approaches to teaching and learning.

Language Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali (Group A)

  • Teaching Language.
  • Assessment of Language.
  • Learning Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali at Upper Primary Level.

Group B

  • Language Items
  • Contribution of famous literates to the development of Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali
  • Elements of Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali language.

English Language (Group A)

  • Development of English Language Skills
  • The Teaching of prose, poetry and composition
  • Basic skills of language
  • Assessment of learning English.

Group B

  • Comprehension – literary or narrative or scientific with questions on comprehension, grammar and verbal ability with questions on Comprehension, and Grammar
  • Language Items such as Nouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Articles, Verbs, Tense and Time,  Adjectives, Prepositions, and Punctuation.

Mathematics (Group A)

  • Specific objectives of Mathematics
  • Assessment in Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education in Schools Nature of Mathematics
  • Methods and Approaches to Teaching-Learning.

Group B

  • Shapes and spatial Relationship
  • Measurement
  • Data Handling and Patterns
  • Number system (natural, whole, rational, real)
  • Fractional numbers and decimals
  • Fundamental operation on numbers
  • Factors and multiples
  • Percentage.

Environmental Studies (Group A)

  • Integration of Science and Social Science
  • Basic principles of teaching EVS
  • Methods: Survey, Practical Work, discussion, observation, project
  • Approaches: Activity-based, theme-based
  • Evaluation in EVS.

Group B

  • Physical Features of Odisha and India
  • Freedom Struggle in India and Odisha
  • Health and Diseases
  • Internal Systems of the Human
  • Matter, Force and Energy
  • Governance – Local-self, State and Central Judiciary.

OTET Syllabus 2022 for Paper 2

Child Development and Pedagogy 

  • Child Development – Upper Primary School Children
  • Learning (observation, trial, error, experience, Learning as a social activity, Rote learning and meaningful learning)
  • Curriculum Teaching (Learning Approaches and Evaluation, Principles of curriculum organisation, etc.).

Language-Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali (Group A)

  • Teaching Language
  • Learning Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali at Upper Primary Level
  • Assessment of Language.

Group B

  • Language Items
  • Contribution of famous literates to the development of Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali 
  • Elements of Odia/Urdu/Hindi/Telugu/Bengali language.

English Language II (Group A)

  • Development of the English Language
  • Learning English at Upper Primary Level
  • Basic skills in language
  • Assessment of learning the English Language
  • The teaching of prose, poetry and composition.

Group B

  • Comprehension – one from prose/drama and another from poetry with questions on comprehension, and grammar
  • Language Items such as Parts of speech, use of article, tense, voice change and change of narration, use of punctuation marks, and vocabulary (meaning and spelling).

Mathematics (for Mathematics & Science Teachers) Group A

  • Mathematics at Upper Primary Stage
  • Evaluation in Mathematics
  • Methods and Approaches to Teaching-Learning Mathematics.

Group B

  • Number System (real and rational numbers), Properties in different number systems
  • Commercial Arithmetic (Percentage, ratio & proportion, etc.)
  • Shapes and Spatial Relationship
  • Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  • Angle sum property
  • Angles, complementary and supplementary angles, opposite angles, and exterior angles of the triangle
  • Algebra (Basic concepts – Algebraic equations and their applications, Polynomials – operations in polynomials, Laws of inducing, Identities).

Science (for Science & Mathematics Teacher) Group A

  • Methods – Observation, Project, Experimentation, Discovery, and Problem- solving
  • Approaches- Integrated, constructivists approach
  • Evaluation in Science (Tools and techniques for assessing learning)
  • Nature of Science
  • Aims and objectives of teaching-learning science (upper primary stage).

Group B

  • Biological adaptation among living beings
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Soil and forest resource
  • Cell structure and function of cell organelle
  • Respiration and transpiration
  • Adolescence in human beings
  • Micro-organisms.

Social Studies (for Social Studies Teacher) Group A

  • Methods and Approaches
  • Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies
  • Evaluation in Social Science.

Group B

  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • History and Political Science.

Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022: How to Download

Candidates can follow these steps to download the Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022.

Step 1: Candidates can visit the official website of BSE, Odisha which is

Step 2: Select the apt link of Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022 & Exam Pattern.

Step 3: Enter the asked details like Exam Name, Department Name, Paper Name, etc.

Step 4: After filling in the details, click on the submit button.

Step 5: Finally, you can save and download the Odisha TET Syllabus & Exam Pattern.

Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022: FAQs

How many exam categories are there under the Odisha OTET Syllabus 2022?

OTET has two exam Categories- Category- 1 (for classes 1st to 5th) and category- 2 (for classes 6th to 8th), namely Paper 1 and 2.

Can I Download the OTET Syllabus 2022?

Yes, you can download it by visiting the official website.

What is the downloading procedure for the OTET Syllabus 2022?

Firstly, you have to go to the official web portal at and click on the apt link for the OTET syllabus. After providing some details, you can download the syllabus. 

How many subjects are there under OTET paper 1?

Five subjects are there under the OTET paper 1.

How many subjects are there in the Odisha TET paper 2?

A total of six subjects are there in the Odisha TET Paper 2.