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Kurukshetra Magazine PDF: Kurukshetra magazine is published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the official venture and sponsorship of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. The magazine aims at carrying the message of Rural Development to the people of India. It provides a forum for discussion of problems related to rural India. It contains various government data, facts, and policy discussions about rural development, agriculture skill up-gradation, Panchayati raj empowering, socioeconomic issues, etc.

  • Kurukshetra Magazine focuses on topics like Hotliculture, food security, animal Husbandry, etc.
  • Kurukshetra Magazine is very crucial for the preparation for various government job exams like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Bank, etc.
  • Read the article carefully to know all the information related to Kurukshetra magazine.

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Kurukshetra Magazine PDF Download

We have started an initiative to provide Kurukshetra Magazine PDF for free. It will not only benefit those who are preparing for UPSC, but also those who are preparing for other competitive exams like State PSC, SSC, Bank, etc. Here are the links to download Kurukshetra magazine month-wise.

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Month-Wise Kurukshetra PDFDownload Link
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF September 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF August 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF July 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF June 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF May 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF April 2022Download
Kuruksehtra Magazine PDF March 2022Download
Kurukshetra Magazine PDF February 2022Download
Kurukshetra Magazine PDF January 2022Download

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Importance of Kurukshetra Magazine for UPSC Preparation

Candidates who are preparing for UPSC can refer to Kurukshetra magazine to get the detail of schemes launched by the Government of India concerning rural development.

  • It is an important source of current affairs information and insight for UPSC exam preparation.
  • Mainly concerned with rural development of India.
  • Covers most of the government policies and initiatives of rural India.
  • You can get the government’s perspective on different issues.
  • The serious and useful arguments about different government schemes & policies provide a lot of fodder material for mains answer writing.
  • Analysis of different issues from experts belonging to diverse backgrounds.
  • You can also find out information about recently launched government schemes, government initiatives, policy initiatives, etc.

Kurukshetra Magazine Subscription Cost

The Kurukshetra magazine is available for readers at cost-effective prices. The plans are mentioned below.

Kurukshetra Magazine PricePrint Version
1 yearRs. 230
2 yearsRs. 430
3 yearsRs. 610

How to Take Subscription to Kurukshetra Magazine?

If anyone is interested in taking a Kurukshetra Magazine subscription, he/she should follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Bharatkosh.

Step 2: Click on “GOI e-store”.

Step 3: Select “Magazine”

Step 4: From the list of magazines, select “Kurukshetra”

Step 5: Choose your subscription plan.

Step 6: Make the payment.

After that, you will get a “payment success” screen. Now you are a subscribed user of Kurukshetra Magazine.

FAQs on Kurukshetra Magazine

Who publishes Kurukshetra Magazine?

Kurukshetra Magazine is published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the official venture and sponsorship of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

Is Kurukshetra a monthly or weekly magazine?

Kurukshetra is a monthly magazine.

From where you can download Kurukshetra magazine PDF for free?

You can find the direct download links in this article itself.

What is Kurukshetra Magazine all about?

Kurukshetra magazine basically focuses on Rural development in India.