Salary Structure at KPTCL 2022



Those who are chosen for the positions of Junior and Assistant Engineer in the Department of Civil Engineering The shortlisted individuals will work with KPTCL as Assistant Engineers. According to the most current pay commission, the basic wage of KPTCL AE is 41,130. KPTCL AE Salary Per Month after allowances and perks is around Rs. 51,480, including allowances like Dearness Allowance and other allowances. The chosen candidates received a competitive wage, perks and benefits, and most importantly, employment security. Those interested in working for the KPTCL should be informed of the salary structure. Aspirants applying for this position should read this page to learn about the salary after the 7th Pay Commission. You can also verify that everything is in order.

KPTCL Salary 2022 – Benefits & Perks

  • Aspirants who pass the KPTCL exam are hired by the Kerela government as Assistant or Junior Engineers. They received a variety of benefits as well as basic salaries and stipends. The following are the many perks and benefits for the MPSC PSI job, which is part of the Group B officials:
  • Allowance for Dearness (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Transportation Allowance (TA), both of which compensate expenses.
  • Loan for a Medical Facility The Provident Fund (PF) of the Facility Gratuity Pension Scheme involves an equal amount of contributions from both the employer and the employee.
  • Insurance
  • Education Allowance for Children

KPTCL AE Salary Structure: 

The Basic Pay, DA, HRA, TA, and CCA are all part of the KPTCL AE Salary Structure.

KPTCL AE Salary Structure: 41130-1140-42270-1270-46080-1390 51640-1560-56320-1700-63120-1900-68820-2050-72920 51640-1560-56320-1700-63120-1900-68820-2050-72920

KPTCL AE Job Description: 

Below is the KPTCL AE job description. It is extremely beneficial to people wishing to work as Assistant Engineers for the KPTCL.Candidates must learn about the numerous functions of fieldwork, as well as the departmental and procedural functions of ground units, during the  training. Candidates must perform maintenance, major works, and relay testing on a shift basis in stations. It is not possible to communicate with the general public at this time.Maintenance of LV lines, technical assistant supervision, metre testing, and large works were all part of Cescom/ Escom’s responsibilities. Public interaction

KPTCL AE Promotion/Career Development: 

KPTCL AE Promotion/Career Development will be based on service rendered, experience, work sincerity, and departmental exams. The KPTCL AE Promotion Hierarchy is shown below.

  • Assistant Executive Engineer 
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Chief Engineer Executive 
  • Engineer Supervising Engineer

KPTCL  Salary Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay scale for the Assistant Engineering positions available through the KPTCL Exam?

Under the KPTCL Exam, Assistant Engineering positions are available. The monthly net pay or in had salary for these positions is in the range of Rs. 41,183 to Rs. 51,480.

 Does the KPTCL job profile include any perks or benefits?

Yes, perks and benefits such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transportation Allowance (TA), Medical Facility, Loan Facility, Gratuity, Pension Scheme, Provident Fund (PF) includes an equal amount of contribution paid by the organisation and the employee., Insurance, and Children Education Allowance are provided in the KPTCL job profile.

How will candidates be chosen for the positions of Junior and Assistant Engineer in KPTCL 2022?

The candidates will be chosen based on their performance in the objective test, interview round, and document verification.

How many stages in the exam of Junior and Assistant Engineer in KPTCL 2022?

There are two-stage  in the exam of Junior and Assistant Engineer in KPTCL 2022
Written Exam

What information is included on the admit card?  The information is included on the admit card:
Aspirant name
Aspirant roll number or registration number
Aspirant’s guardian name
Date of birth
Photograph of aspirant
Exam centre name and details