Folk Dances Of Andhra Pradesh With Pictures: A Comprehensive Guide To Cultural Rich Heritage!



Andhra Pradesh is home to a lovely dance culture with a few special dance structures mirroring the state’s rich customs and legacy. The different people and traditional dances of Andhra Pradesh feature the variety of Indian culture through brilliant outfits, elegant developments, and expressive performances. The province of Andhra Pradesh, situated in the southern piece of India, flaunts a rich social legacy that is profoundly entwined with its conventional moves. These moves do not just mirror the social variety of the district yet in addition act as a mode of imaginative articulation. In this article, we will take you on a visual excursion through a portion of the enthralling Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh With Pictures, displaying their special qualities and lively exhibitions.

Some Important Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh With Pictures

In this section you will get to know the details of all folk dances of Andhra Pradesh with pictures. 

  • Kuchipudi

Kuchipudi is a classical dance of Andhra Pradesh. It combines dance, acting, and drama. Dancers wear fancy costumes and jewelry.

In the Kuchipudi dance of Andhra Pradesh, dancers tell stories from Hindu holy books using hand gestures and body movements. They dance to Telugu songs with rhythmic music.

Kuchipudi Dance

  • Vilasini Natyam

Vilasini Natyam is a devotional dance form dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna. It originated in the temples of Andhra Pradesh and is performed exclusively by women. The dance showcases graceful movements, intricate hand gestures, and subtle expressions to depict episodes from Lord Krishna’s life. The performers don vibrant attire, adorned with traditional jewelry, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the dance.

Vilasini Natyam

  • Perini Shivatandavam

In this dance-drama, women dancers show how Lord Shiva creates, destroys, and protects the universe. The dance starts with praying to Lord Shiva. Then dancers show Lord Shiva’s 5 actions – creating, destroying, hiding, giving grace, and freeing souls.

Dancers wear colorful clothes, turbans, and jewelry. They move their bodies fast to the drum beats.

Perini Shivatandavam

  • Tappeta

This traditional dance of the Andhra Pradesh structure is uniquely famous in the Srikakulam locale and Vizianagaram area. It is a reflection dance structure implied for conjuring the Downpour God. The cadence, energy, and energy of this dance can enthuse anybody to begin tapping to the beat of music and drums! Around 15-20 artists perform the Tappeta dance in a gathering. A couple of gymnastic developments during the dance can excite everybody present!

Tappeta Dance

  • Burrakatha Dance

Burrakatha is a unique narrative dance form that combines storytelling, music, and dance. The performers, known as ‘Burrakatha artists,’ use a traditional musical instrument called the ‘Thambura’ to create rhythmic beats while narrating mythological tales or historical events. The dancers don vibrant costumes and create captivating visual sequences with their expressive movements. Burrakatha dance holds a significant place in the cultural traditions of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Kolatam

In Kolatam, men dancers swing wooden sticks in their hands to the beat of the music. The sticks make sounds as they hit each other. Kolatam shows scenes from village life in Andhra Pradesh through stick movements and gestures. Dancers wear simple clothes and headgear. They swing their sticks and dance their feet together to the fast drum beats.

Kolattam Dance

  • Dhimsa Dance

Dhimsa is a dance form of Andhra Pradesh that is popular among the tribal communities of Andhra Pradesh. It is performed during festive occasions and celebrations. The dance is characterized by its vibrant and energetic movements, accompanied by rhythmic beats of traditional musical instruments. Both men and women participate in this lively dance form, wearing colorful traditional attire and ornamental accessories that reflect the cultural heritage of the tribes.

Dhimsa Dance

  • Butta Bomalu

This is a people dance that is extremely renowned in the Tanuku locale of the West Godavari region in Andhra Pradesh. Butta Bommalu really signifies ‘bushel toys’. These toys are made of cow manure, wood husk, and dry grass. The artists wear different sorts of covers. In any case, the dance is performed exclusively on beats of percussion instruments.

The veils worn during this dance depict assorted characters. They will more often than not increment amusement worth and indeed, there are fragile developments yet non-verbal music in this dance!

Butta Bomalu Dance

  • Lambadi

This can be called the dance of the travelers! The Lambadi clan in Andhra Pradesh plays out this dance structure to celebrate planting season and a decent harvest. They wear wonderful ensembles which are enlivened with globules, and weaving and deck up well with gems, bangles, and anklets. The migrants or banjaras play out this dance in a gathering of 15-20 artists during celebrations.

Lambadi Dance

There are numerous other societal moves done in towns and sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh. They show the various societies in the state. That covers probably the most well-known and old-style moves you can see in Andhra Pradesh. The dances of Andhra Pradesh are a demonstration of the rich social legacy of the state. From the old-style polish of Kuchipudi to the energetic energy of Perini and society customs like Dhimsa and Burrakatha, each dance structure recounts an interesting story and hypnotizes the crowd with its visual magnificence. These moves do not just safeguard the social tradition of dances in Andhra Pradesh yet additionally give a stage to imaginative articulation and festivity.

Folk Dances Of Andhra Pradesh With Pictures FAQs

Q.1 What is the specialty of Burrakatha dance?
Ans.1 Burrakatha is a narrative dance form that combines storytelling, music, and dance. The performers, known as ‘Burrakatha artists,’ use the ‘Thambura’ instrument to create rhythmic beats while narrating mythological or historical tales.

Q.2 Is Vilasini Natyam exclusively performed by women?
Ans.2 Yes, Vilasini Natyam is a devotional dance form dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna, and it is performed exclusively by women. It emphasizes graceful movements, intricate hand gestures, and subtle expressions.

Q.3 Are these traditional dances still practiced in Andhra Pradesh?
Ans.3 Yes, these traditional dances are still widely practiced in Andhra Pradesh, both in professional performances and as part of cultural festivals and celebrations.

Q.4 Where can one witness these dances in Andhra Pradesh?
Ans.4 One can witness these dances at various cultural festivals, temple events, and traditional performances organized across Andhra Pradesh. Renowned dance academies and cultural centers also showcase these art forms.

Q.5 What costumes do Kuchipudi dancers wear?
Ans.5 Kuchipudi dancers wear silk costumes and elaborate jewelry as they perform the dance.