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Diwali is celebrated over five days according to the Lunisolar Calendar in the month of Kartika. People from all communities come forward to observe the festival of lights. Read this article on Diwali Quiz Questions with Answers to know more. In India, Deepawali or Diwali is celebrated as the biggest festival of the year. During this week, we celebrate Chhoti Diwali and Dhanteras before the main festival, and on the very next day of Diwali, Bhaiduj is celebrated. Diwali holds great importance in all our lives in terms of relationships, brotherhood, and friendship. The celebration of Diwali highlights the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. On this day, devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with the hope to welcome wealth and prosperity to the family. Read the article to get  Quiz On Diwali with Answers.

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Quiz On Diwali with Answers

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  • In Sikhism, Diwali is popularly known as?
  1. Chotti Diwali
  2. Guru Parv
  3. Bandi Chhor Divas
  4. Deepavali
  • Narakasura was killed by _____ during ______.
  1. Lord Naryana, Treta Yuga
  2. Lord Shiva, Satya Yuga
  3. Lord Krishna, Dwapar Yuga
  4. Lord Rama, Kali Yuga
  • In Tamil Nadu, Diwali is celebrated in a unique custom called ______. 
  1. Choti Diwali
  2. Kali Pujo
  3. Onam
  4. Thalai Deepavali 
  • _______ falls on the very next day of Diwali.
  1. Lakshmi Puja
  2. Ganapati Puja
  3. Bhai dooj
  4. Govardhan Puja
  • In Sri Lanka, Diwali is known as ____.
  1. Thalai Deepavali
  2. Durga Puja
  3. Kali Puja
  4. Hari Diwali
  • Lord Rama was the ruler of which Kingdom?
  1. Nalanda
  2. Ayodhya
  3. Lanka
  4. Magadha
  • Diwali observes the spiritual enlightenment of Saint _______. 
  1. Guru Nanak and Buddha
  2. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Guru Nanak
  3. Vardhamana Mahavira and Swami Dayananda Saraswati 
  4. None of the above

  • Lord Vishnu is the husband of Goddess ____.
  1. Goddess Saraswati 
  2. Goddess Lakshmi
  3. Goddess Kali
  4. Goddess Durga
  • Diwali, also known as the _______, occurs on a _______.
  1. Festival of colours, no-moon night
  2. Festival of lights, full moon night 
  3. Festival of crackers, full moon night
  4. Festival of lights, no moon night
  • Apart from Lord Ganesha, who else is worshipped on Diwali evening?
  1. Goddess Saraswati
  2. Lord Shiva
  3. Lord Vishnu
  4. Goddess Lakshmi 
  • On Diwali, the foundation of _____ was laid. 
  1. Taj Mahal
  2. Golden Temple 
  3. Lal Qilaa
  4. Tirupati Temple
  • Goddess Kali emerged from _____. 

  1. Goddess Lakshmi
  2. Goddess Saraswati
  3. Goddess Durga
  4. Goddess Parvati 
  • ______  oil is considered to be suitable for clay lamps (Diya) during Diwali.
  1. Kerosene
  2. Olive
  3. Mustard 
  4. Petrol
  • According to the Lunisolar Calendar, Diwali is celebrated in the month of:
  1. Sravana
  2. Chaitra
  3. Kartika
  4. Baishakhi
  • People purchase gold, silver, and other precious metals on which day?
  1. Dhanteras
  2. Diwali
  3. Bhai Dooj
  4. Lakshmi Puja

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Diwali Quiz Questions with Answers FAQs

On which date we will celebrate Diwali this year?

We will celebrate Diwali on the 24th of October this year.

What do we do on Dhanteras?

On Dhanteras, we purchase gold, silver, or any other metal.

Who along with Lord Ganesha is worshipped on Diwali?

Goddess Laxmi is worshipped alongside Lord Ganesha on the day of Diwali.

What are the few basic things people do to celebrate Diwali?

Families clean their homes, paint it newly, light Diyas, and make Rangolis to celebrate Diwali.

What message is delivered on Diwali?

Diwali highlights the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness.