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According to the newly released notification, the SBI clerk term no longer exists. The term clerk in the recruitment notification has been replaced by SBI JA. So a junior associate is essentially an SBI clerk with the added responsibilities of marketing, cross-selling, and so on. There is no Difference Between SBI Clerk and Junior Associate.

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The SBI Clerk position is one of the most difficult entry-level positions in the country. The salary paid to employees is one of the most important factors in joining the banking sector, and SBI Clerk is no exception.

This article will provide all relevant information about the salary structure for the SBI Junior Assosiate as well as the opportunities for advancement in that field.

SBI Junior Associate Salary in-Hand 2022

Currently, the basic SBI clerk pay scale in India is Rs.19,900/- (Rs.17,900/- plus two advance increments admissible to graduates), with multiple increments added as the employee works for the bank. And it includes a number of other components that make this position appealing.

The following list highlights key elements of the updated SBI Junior Assosiate Salary structure in India:

SBI Junior Assosiate Salary in India- Basic PayRs.17,900/-
Salary after 1st Increment- Rs. 20.900/-
Salary after 2nd Increment-Rs. 24,590/-
Salary after 3rd Increment- Rs. 30,550/-
Salary after 4th Increment- Rs. 42,600/-
Salary after 5th increment- Rs 45,930/-
Salary after 6th increment- Rs 47,920/-
Dearness AllowanceAs per the Consumer Price Index
House AccommodationDepends on the posting place

SBI Junior Assosiate Salary – Allowances & Benefits

The SBI Junior Assosiate salary is more than just a pay scale. Other benefits and allowances are provided to employees, making it a major draw for job seekers across the country. Aside from these, there are additional allowances:

  1. Dearness Allowance
  2. Medical insurance
  3. House Rent Allowance
  4. Transport
  5. Furniture Allowance
  6. City Allowance
  7. Basic Amenities – Newspaper, Cleansing, Petrol, etc

Role of Junior Associate in SBI & Career Growth

SBI Junior Assosiate is a job profile with a wide range of responsibilities. Here we have stated role of Junior Associate in SBI. Given below is a set of duties that need to be fulfilled by a Clerk in SBI:

  1. interacting with customers
  2. Managing cash register
  3. Assistance with passbook updates, chequebooks, and other tasks for customers
  4. Helping the managers
  5. Assisting customers with loan applications and documentation
  6. Account opening and closing

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Difference Between SBI Clerk and Junior Associate FAQs

What is an SBI Clerk’s take-home pay?

At the time of joining, the in-hand SBI Clerk salary ranges from Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/- per month.

Is SBI clerk and junior associate same?

There is no such distinction. SBI Clerk and Junior Associate are the same thing. The term clerk will no longer be used, according to a new notification. Instead, from now on, it will be SBI Junior Associate. Thus, SBI junior associate and clerk are same.

Can an SBI Junior Assosiate advance to PO?

Yes, because multiple promotion exams and interviews are held at regular intervals, the clerical cadre can be promoted to the Officers’ post gradually over time.

Aside from the salary, what other benefits does an SBI Clerk receive?

Aside from a competitive salary, an SBI Clerk is eligible for HRA, medical allowance, travel allowance, dearness allowance, pension benefits, provident fund, and other benefits.

Is working as an SBI Clerk a good job?

Yes, SBI Junior Assosiate is one of the most sought-after positions in the banking industry.