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Candidates applying for the CUET Examination 2022 can check out the topics and units included in the syllabus of Anthropology given below.

Unit-1: PhysicalAnthropology:

 (i) Preliminary knowledge of Human genetics. Mendel’s Laws of heredity Mono hybrid and Dihybrid ratio. (ii) Definition of Race and Racial criteria,significance of skincolour,Eye form and colour,Headform, andABa blood groups as racial criteria. (iii) Racial classification, distinctive physical features and geographical distribution of themajor racial groups of man:Caucasoid,Mongoloid,Negroid andAustraloid. 

Unit-2: PrehistoricArchaeology: 

(i) ToolMaking:Techniques of manufacturing core and flake tools, primary and secondary flaking,pressure flaking,grinding and polishing.Materialsusedinmakingprehistorictools. (ii) Toolfamilies:Pebbletools,Handaxe,Cleaver,Scrapers,Microliths,Points,Blades,Awl,Graver,Celts, Sickles, Spear-head,Arrow-head and Bone tools. (iii) PrehistoricCultures: A brief outline of the following prehistoric cultures of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods- (iv) Acomparativestudyofthe salientfeaturesofPaleolithic and Neolithic cultures. 

Unit-3: Material culture and economic Anthropology : 

(i) Economic life: meaning and aspects, characteristic features of the primitive or simple economic system. (ii) Subsistenceeconomy:domestication of animals-pastoralism,agriculture-shifting cultivation,horti- culture, terrace cultivation and plough cultivation. (iii) Briefoutlineofthemethodsofhunting,fishingandagriculturewithreferencetoVariouscommunities of North East India as far as practicable. 

Unit-4: SocialAnthropologyandEthnography: 

A : Social Anthropology : (i) Family:Definition,formsandtypes:nuclearfamily,jointfamily,familyoforientation,family of procreation, monogamous and polygamous(polygynous and polyandrous). (ii) Clustered relationship ina nuclearfamily. (iii) Rules ofresidence:Patrilocal,matrilocal,neolocal,avancolocal,bi-local,matripatrilocal.Rulesofdescent: Patrilineal andmatrilineal descent. (iv) Functions of family,social nature of family. 

B : Ethnography : (i) A brief outline of the land and people ofNorth-East India. (ii) Studyofmaterialcultureandeconomiclifeofthefollowingcommunities (iii) TheGaro:Shifting orJhum cultivation. (iv) TheMishing: Plough cultivation (v) Astudyofsocial organization of the AoNaga and the Apatani. 

Unit-5: Ecology :

 (i) Meaninganddefinitionof ecology and environment. (ii) Elements of the environment: Solid, liquid, and gas. 

iii) Physicalorabioticenvironment, biological or biotic environment and socio cultural environment. (iv) Man is the main agent to disturbs the ecological balance.

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CUET Anthropology Syllabus – FAQs

What is the CUET Examination?

CUET is the Central Universities Entrance Test

What is the last date to apply for the CUET Examination?

The last date to apply for the CUET Examination is 6 May 2022

How many questions are there in the CUET paper?

A total of 50 questions will be asked in the paper out of which 40 must be attempted by the candidates.

What is the selection procedure for the CUET Examination?

The selection procedure for the CUET Examination is a written examination and an interview

How many units are there in the Anthropology subject of CUET?

A total of 5 units are there.