Neeraj Chopra

Five Interesting Facts About Neeraj Chopra

At the age of 12, Neeraj weighed 90 kilogrammes, and it took him a lot of convincing to convince his parents to let him join the gym.

Neeraj used to enjoy playing volleyball, and javelin was never his first love.

Neeraj Chopra, 24, is a second-year BA student at Kurukshetra University. He had been appointed Naib Subedar in the Indian Army after winning the U-20 championship in 2016.

During his historic victory at the U20 World Championships in Finland, Neeraj Chopra was coached by Australia's Garry Calvert.

Uwe Hohn, a former German javelin thrower, is currently coaching Neeraj Chopra, the only athlete to throw a javelin over 100 metres.