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Idioms on Shoes

Moving back to New York was as easy as an old shoe.

Using something with which you are very comfortable or familiar.

As comfortable as an old shoe

She has never been late for class. She's such a a goody-two-shoes.

Someone who appears to be infallible and is constantly trying to impress those in positions of authority.

A goody-two-shoes

It's difficult to understand unless you are in other person’s shoes.

Not passing judgement on someone based on their situation or circumstances.

To be in another person’s shoes

Johnny had to put himself in Kirk's shoes to understand how he felt.

To put oneself in the same situation as another in order to understand what they are going through or dealing with.

To put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Katy was shaking in her own shoes because she was so terrified!

To be terrified

To be shaking in one’s shoes

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