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Idioms on Colors

His most recent film is not yet in theatres, but I was able to obtain a copy on the black market.

Buying and selling something illegally, especially something that is difficult or impossible to obtain otherwise.

Black Market

I turned in that project last week, and the boss told me today that I got the green light to start. I'm very excited.

To receive permission to do something

To Get The Green Light

Why don't you sit down and think about it for a few hours, or even a night, using your grey matter?

This expression refers to our intellect or brains

Grey Matter

I'm back in the red. It always happens to me at the end of the month.

When we're in the red, it usually means we've overdrawn a bank account. We don't have any money.

In the Red

I used to read newspapers frequently, but now I only get them once in a blue moon.

Something that does not happen very often. something that does not occur very often

Every once in a blue moon

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