Pro Kabaddi League season 9 Schedule – Know PKL Timing & Venue Here!



The 2022 Vivo Pro Kabaddi League League is all set to begin on the seventh of October. 12 teams will compete to win the title. Mashal Sports, the organizers have released the first half of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 Schedule. Get complete details of the schedule in this article.

  • The first half will be conducted in two phases.
  • The first half of the tournament will host 66 matches. It will be played between the months of October and November. 
  • The second half schedule of Pro Kabaddi League 2022 will be released later this month. 

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Pro Kabaddi League season 9 Schedule

The first half schedule of the Pro Kabaddi League is released. This half of the tournament will be played in two legs. Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium at Bengaluru will host the first leg. The second leg of this half will be played at Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi in Pune.

Here’s the first half of PKL Season 9 Schedule

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PKL Season 9 Leg 1 Schedule

Match NumberDate Team ATeam BTime
Match 1October 7, 2022Dabang Delhi K.CU Mumba 7.30 pm
Match 2October 7, 2022Bengaluru BullsTelegu Titans 8.30 pm
Match 3October 7, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers U.P. Yoddhas9.30 pm
Match 4October 8, 2022Patna PiratesPuneri Paltan 7.30 pm
Match 5October 8, 2022Gujarat GiantsTamil Thalaivas8.30 pm
Match 6October 8, 2022Bengal Warriors Haryana Steelers9.30 pm
Match 7October 9, 2022Jaipur Pink PanthersPatna Pirates 7.30 pm
Match 8October 9, 2022Telegu TitansBengal Warriors 8.30 pm 
Match 9October 9, 2022Puneri PaltanBengaluru Bulls 9.30 pm
Match 10October 10, 2022U MumbaU.P. Yoddhas 7.30 pm
Match 11October 10, 2022Dabang Delhi K.CGujarat Giants 8.30 pm 
Match 12October 11, 2022Haryana Steelers Tamil Thalaivas 7.30 pm
Match 13October 11, 2022Patna Pirates Telegu Titans 8.30 pm 
Match 14October 12, 2022Bengaluru Bulls Bengal Warriors 7.30 pm
Match 15October 12, 2022U.P Yoddhas Dabang Delhi K.C8.30 pm 
Match 16October 14, 2022Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba 7.30 pm
Match 17October 14, 2022Haryana Steelers Jaipur Pink Panthers 8.30 pm 
Match 18October 14, 2022Gujarat Giants Puneri Paltan 9.30 pm
Match 19October 15, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers Gujarat Giants 7.30 pm
Match 20October 15, 2022Telegu Titans Dabang Delhi K.C8.30 pm 
Match 21October 15, 2022Bengal Warriors Patna Pirates 9.30 pm
Match 22October 16, 2022Puneri Paltan U Mumba 7.30 pm
Match 23October 16, 2022U.P Yoddhas Bengaluru Bulls 8.30 pm 
Match 24October 17, 2022Tamil Thalaivas Patna Pirates 7.30 pm
Match 25October 17, 2022Dabang Delhi K.CHaryana Steelers 8.30 pm 
Match 26October 18, 2022Bengal Warriors Jaipur Pink Panthers 7.30 pm
Match 27October 18, 2022Telegu Titans Puneri Paltan 8.30 pm 
Match 28October 19, 2022Gujarat Giants U.P Yoddhas 7.30 pm
Match 29October 19, 2022Bengaluru Bulls Tamil Thalaivas 8.30 pm 
Match 30October 21, 2022U Mumba Haryana Steelers 7.30 pm
Match 31October 21, 2022Puneri Paltan Bengal Warriors 8.30 pm 
Match 32October 21, 2022Patna Pirates Dabang Delhi K.C 9.30 pm
Match 33October 22, 2022U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls 7.30 pm
Match 34October 22, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers Telegu Titans 8.30 pm 
Match 35October 22, 2022Haryana Steelers Gujarat Giants 9.30 pm
Match 36October 23, 2022Bengaluru Bulls Patna Pirates 7.30 pm
Match 37October 23, 2022U.P Yoddhas Tamil Thalaivas 8.30 pm 
Match 38October 25, 2022Puneri Paltan Jaipur Pink Panthers 7.30 pm
Match 39October 25, 2022Telegu Titans Haryana Steelers 8.30 pm 
Match 40October 26, 2022Gujarat Giants U Mumba 7.30 pm
Match 41October 26, 2022Dabang Delhi K.CBengal Warriors 8.30 pm 

PKL Season 9 Leg 2 Schedule

Match NumberDateTeam ATeam BTime
Match 42October 28, 2022Tamil Thalaivas Jaipur Pink Panthers 7.30 pm
Match 43October 28, 2022Haryana Steelers Puneri Paltan 8.30 pm 
Match 44October 28, 2022Patna Pirates U.P Yoddhas 9.30 pm
Match 45October 29, 2022Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhi K.C7.30 pm
Match 46October 29, 2022Telegu Titans Gujarat Giants 8.30 pm 
Match 47October 29, 2022Bengal Warriors U Mumba 9.30 pm
Match 48October 30, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengaluru Bulls 7.30 pm
Match 49October 30, 2022Tamil Thalaivas Dabang Delhi K.C8.30 pm 
Match 50October 31, 2022Gujarat Giants Patna Pirates 7.30 pm
Match 51October 31, 2022U.P Yoddhas Telegu Titans 8.30 pm 
Match 52November 1, 2022Puneri Paltan Dabang Delhi K.C7.30 pm
Match 53November 1, 2022Haryana Steelers Bengaluru Bulls 8.30 pm 
Match 54November 2, 2022U Mumba Telegu Titans 7.30 pm
Match 55November 2, 2022Bengal Warriors Tamil Thalaivas 8.30 pm 
Match 56November 4, 2022Patna Pirates U Mumba 7.30 pm
Match 57November 4, 2022Dabang Delhi K.CJaipur Pink Panthers 8.30 pm 
Match 58November 4, 2022U.P Yoddhas Puneri Paltan 9.30 pm
Match 59November 5, 2022Gujarat Giants Bengal Warriors 7.30 pm
Match 60November 5, 2022Tamil Thalaivas Telegu Titans 8.30 pm 
Match 61November 5, 2022Haryana Steelers U.P Yoddhas 9.30 pm
Match 62November 6, 2022Bengaluru Bulls Gujarat Giants 7.30 pm
Match 63November 6, 2022Puneri Paltan Tamil Thalaivas 8.30 pm 
Match 64November 7, 2022U Mumba Jaipur Pink Panthers 7.30 pm
Match 65November 7, 2022Patna Pirates Haryana Steelers 8.30 pm 
Match 66November 8, 2022Bengal Warriors U.P Yoddhas 7.30 pm
Match 67November 8, 2022TBC ATBC B8.30 pm 

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Pro Kabaddi League season 9 Teams

  1. Bengal Warriors
  2. Bengaluru Bulls
  3. Delhi Dabang K.C
  4. Gujarat Titans
  5. Haryana Steelers
  6. Jaipur Pink Panthers 
  7. Patna Pirates
  8. Puneri Paltan
  9. Tamil Thalaivas
  10. Telegu Titans
  11. U Mumba 
  12. U.P Yoddhas

Pro Kabaddi League season 9 Venue

As per the Pro Kabaddi League season 9 Schedule, Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium at Bengaluru will host the first leg and Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi in Pune will host the second leg.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 Schedule FAQs

When will PKL Season 9 start?

PKL season 9 will begin on the 7th of October, 2022.

 In how many legs will the first half be played?

The first half of the tournament will be played in two legs.

How many matches will be played in the first half of PKL Season 9?

A total of 67 matches will be played in the first half of the tournament.

At what time do the matches start?

As per the PKL season 9 schedule, the first match of the day starts at 7.30 pm, the second at 8.30 pm, and the third at 9.30 pm, if any.

Where can one watch the matches?

Viewers can watch the match at disney+ Hotstar and Star Sports.