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The Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force was raised in 1962  just after the Sino-India War, with a primary role to guard the Indo-China LAC. Read this article on ITBP Raising Day Speech to know more. The Force when raised was then headed by an Inspector General rank officer from the IPS cadre.  After 20 years of its establishment, the post of ITBP Head was upgraded to the post of Director General. The ITBP works in one of the toughest geographies of India, with altitudes as high as 21,000 feet above sea level. The ITBP has 60 battalions, deployed primarily at the 3500 km long Indo-China LAC.

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10 Lines English Speech on ITBP Raising Day in English

Good morning members present in the house. Greetings, my name is Shanaya (your name) from Standard 10 (your class). Today I’ll be speaking a few lines on ITBP Raising Day.

  1. The ITBP was raised on 24th October 1962 in the aftermath of the Sino-India War.
  2. It is counted among the World’s premier border-guarding forces specialized in high altitude.
  3. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) celebrated its 61st Raising Day on 24th October 2022.
  4. ITBP was raised under the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Act, 1949.
  5. In 1992, the Parliament enacted the Into-Tibetan Border Police Act. The rules were framed in the year 1994 and the act was passed in the year 1996.
  6. Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  7. It is one of the Central Armed Police Forces. The sister CAPFs of ITBP are – Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, Central Industrial Security Force, and Shashatra Seema Bal.
  8. Currently, the ITBP guards the 3488 km long Indo-China Border. The ITBP is under the command of the Army at certain strategic points.
  9. The ITBP works in tough terrains, and in certain Border Out Posts the temperature dips down minus to 40 degree Celsius. The BOPs are event at a height of up to 18,750 feet above sea level.
  10. Apart from Indo-China Border, the ITBP is even deployed for internal security and election duty. The Force along with other agencies has had successful Anti-Naxal operations in the LWE region.

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Short Speech on ITBP Raising Day in English

The ITBP was raised on the 24th day of October, in the year 1962, under the CRPF act, after the Sino-Indian war of 1962. After the raising of the ITBP. For the first two decades of its raising, the Force was headed by Inspector Generals. B Chatterjee is the longest-serving Head of the ITBP to date. He was in charge of the Himalayan Force for 10 years. The ITBP guards the 3,488-km-long Line of Actual Control along the China Border. It runs from Ladakh in the North to Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern end of the country. ITBP is a professional force which primarily has 5 functions:

  1. Guard the Indian border against China and prevention of border violations. Assist the Army during unusual times. Promote a sense of security among the local populace.
  2. Check illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling along the China Border.
  3. Provide security to VIPs if assigned.
  4. Restore and preserve rule of law in any area if requested by state authorities.  
  5. To maintain peace in the country.

Apart from guarding the line of Actual Control, ITBP Battalions are also providing security to various buildings of national importance throughout the country. It guards the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Rumtek Monastery of Sikkim, The Vice President House, Tihar Jail and many others. The ITBP is one of the premier organizations both in India and the World.

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Long Speech on Raising Day of ITBP in English

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force was formed and raised on October 24, 1962. It was a strategic decision taken to reorganise the security and frontier intelligence along the Indo-China border. The ITBP will celebrate its  61st Raising Day this year. The force pledges the motto  “Shaurya-Dridhata-Karma Nishtha” which means ‘Valour – Determination – Devotion to Duty’ in English.

The ITBP is one of the seven Central Armed Police Forces of India. The CAPFs are responsible for Internal Security, guarding the international border during peacetime and assist the Armed Forces during war. The role of CAPF is considered to be one of the toughest as it asks them to serve and protect the nation both during peace and war.

The ITBP was headed by an Inspector General when it was raised. IG Balbir Singh was tasked to guard the Line of Actual Control with 4 battalions in the year 1962. With time the responsibility of the force grew, and as of now, it has 7 frontiers to which 15 sectors report. These 15 sectors together command the 90,000 personnel of 60 battalions which guard the Indo-China border.

Under the Government of India’s ‘One Border One Force’ policy, the entire 3488 km stretch of the India-China Border was tasked to the ITBP in the year 2004, replacing the Assam Rifles from the Sikkim and Arunachal Sector.

The ITBP was raised under the CRPF Act. In 1996, the Parliament of India then passed the Into-Tibetan Border Police Act, of 1992. Currently, the ITBP is equipped with the latest gadgets and vehicles to overcome tough challenges. The force is home to many canine friends and trains dogs of several Police Forces at its Training Center. Apart from guarding the Indo-China Border, the ITBP is placed at several internal security locations. Troops of ITBP are deployed at various embassies and at UN Missions abroad.

The ITBP has 2 Kirti Chakra, 6 Shaurya Chakra, 7 Padmasree, and 1 Sena Medal among the highest Decorations. The officers and Troops are referred to as Himveers because of their deployment at the Himalayan Range.

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ITBP Raising Day Quiz FAQs

What is the current strength of the ITBP?

The ITBP currently has 90,000 troops.

Who was the First Head of the ITBP?

The first ITBP head was Inspector General Balbir Singh.

Who is the current DG of ITBP?

Anish Dayal Singh is the current ITBP DG.

ITBP was raised under which act?

The ITBP was raised under the CRPF act in 1962.

What is the motto of this border guarding force?

Shaurya-Dridhata-Karma Nishtha is the motto of the force.