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Since its foundation as a daily newspaper in the year 1932, Indian Express has grown to become one of the most renowned English-language newspapers in India. Indian Express is a very widely read newspaper in India. It has a diverse reader base with a large circulation. It is well known for its extremely high standard of English and its top-notch journalism. Covering all the ongoing events and trending stories, Indian Express is essential reading for anyone who wants to be well-informed. It is also helpful for government exam aspirants preparing for jobs like UPSC, SSC, Rail, Bank, etc. 

  • Ramnath Goenka is the founder of the Indian Express newspaper.
  • The current chairman is Vivek Goenka.
  • Indian Express is published in English language only.

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Indian Express Newspaper PDF Download

The direct link to download Indian Express is given in the table down below. Get Indian Express free pdf now!

Indian Express Newspaper PDFsDownload Link
Indian Express PDF 7th September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 6th September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 5th September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 4th September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 3rd September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 2nd September 2022Download
Indian Express PDF 1st September 2022Download

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Indian Express Subscription Plan & Subscription Cost

When it comes to the cost of subscriptions, Indian Express is one of the most cost-effective newspapers in India. It offers its readers the choice of three subscription plans. Let’s have a look at it.

Indian Express Subscription PlanSubscription CostValidity
Digital Only661 Month
Epaper Only701 Month
Epaper + Digital851 Month

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How to Subscribe to Indian Express Newspaper?

If anyone is interested to take a subscription of the Indian Express newspaper should follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official page of Indian Express.

Step 2: Click on the “subscribe” button seen anywhere on the page.

Step 3: It will take you to the subscription plan page.

Step 4: Select a suitable plan.

Step 5: You will be redirected to a page with plan and price details.

Step 6: You can then proceed to make the payment.

Now you are a subscribed user of Indian Express. You can print out or take note of the transaction details for future reference.

Indian Express for UPSC Preparation

The Indian Express is very popular among students who are preparing for various government jobs like SSC, Bank, NTPC, and especially UPSC. It analyses every news item in depth which gives the aspirants a proper insight into the matter. This is very helpful in UPSC main answer writing. The Indian Express also explains the pros and cons of every government scheme, be it central or state. It helps the aspirants to form their own opinion on that particular topic. Thus it gives an edge to their interview preparation as well.

FAQs on Indian Express Newspaper

How can I download Indian Express Newspaper PDF daily?

The links to download the daily Indian Express newspaper are given above in the article.

Where is the headquarter of Indian Express Newspaper situated?

The headquarter of Indian Express Newspaper is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Who is the founder of the Indian Express newspaper?

Mr. Ramnath Goenka is the founder of Indian Express newspaper.

Who is the chief editor of the Indian Express?

Raj Kamal Jha is the chief editor of the Indian Express.

When was the Indian Express newspaper founded?

Indian Express newspaper was founded in the year 1932.