Halloween in India- Origin, Date, Celebration, and More



Halloween in India 2022: Halloween is an annual Western holiday celebrated on October 31st. The day is an abbreviation for ‘All Hallows’ Eve,’ and it marks the eve of the feast of All Saints. On Halloween, many people throw parties, decorate their homes in spooky themes, and make it a fun holiday. Halloween is equally popular among children, who dress up to go trick-or-treating for candies and other treats in their neighborhood. The intriguing festival is mostly observed in the United States, Ireland, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia. The festival’s popularity is now spreading to other parts of India. This article will go over how Halloween in India is celebrated.

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  • Halloween is most commonly associated with candy, costumes, and creepy decor.
  • In the 16th century, the term “Halloween” was first used. Previously, it was known as “All Hallows’ Eve,” which means “holy evening.”
  • Halloween, also known as the Ghost Festival, is celebrated on October 31st because Samhain, the ancient Gaelic festival (the earliest known origin of Halloween), occurred on this day.
  • This ancient festival commemorated the important time of year when the seasons change.
  • People dressed up as saints and went door to door, which is where Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating originated.

Continue reading this article to get a quick detail about the Halloween celebration in India and Halloween 2022 date in India.

Halloween in India

Halloween, like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, is gaining popularity in India. People in major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, in particular, celebrate Halloween with zeal. To attract customers, pubs and hotels in these cities host terrifying theme parties. Its popularity is widespread in the country, particularly among young people.

People in major cities began dressing up as ghosts with frightening makeup on Halloween. In addition, family entertainment parks, children’s play zones, and activity centres host Halloween costume parties for children. Restaurants in major cities offer Halloween-themed fare.

Because of the association of this festival with violent and horror images, India has faced criticism for celebrating it. 

Among the reasons given for not celebrating Halloween in India are:

  • It is not customary in Indian culture to celebrate the departed souls and saints by emphasising horror and ghosts. Even if it is done in a lighter and more enjoyable manner, as in Halloween.
  • In the specific period known as ‘Pitri Paksha,’ Indian traditions observe remembrance through fasting, prayer, and charity. They dislike the tradition of commemorating the departed souls with festivity.

That is sufficient. But there are plenty of reasons to have a good time.

Halloween celebrations are notable for their theme parties, spooky costumes, and storytelling sessions with special delicacies. All of this must be done in the name of cultural integration.

It does not replace Indian remembrance traditions. This could be an add-on, similar to our train of festivals that runs throughout the year. We can enjoy saying goodbye to autumn and hello to winter.

Halloween’s Origin

Actually, this festival is associated with the Celtic people of Europe. This caste believed that at this time of year, the souls of ancestors visit and communicate with the people. The Celtics believed that after receiving the souls of their ancestors, their stalled work would become easier. As a result, the ritual of calling the souls evolved into a festival that is now widely celebrated throughout the world.

We learn from history that Gaels believed in a thin barrier between the spiritual realm and our world. Celtics believed that at this time of year, ancestors’ souls visit and communicate with the people. 

So, to ward off evil spirits and protect their crops, they used to set their dinner tables with good food for good spirits.

The eerie festival, which can be traced back to Samhain, has its fair share of stories, some of which are still shrouded in mystery. The festival was typically celebrated with bonfires and costumes worn to ward off ghosts. It evolved into exciting activities such as carving jack-o-lanterns, parties, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and lots of fun over the years.

How to Celebrate Halloween in India?

On Halloween, children, in particular, go from house to house for ‘trick or treat,’ collecting sweets such as chocolates or candies from neighbors. While the house elders pray for peace. On the day of the festival, everyone dresses up in frightening costumes and makeup. Jack O’ Lanterns, bats, graves, skeletons, skulls, zombies, and various ghost avatars are used to decorate houses. Children visit their neighbors in search of candies and chocolates. People plan get-togethers and enjoy seasonal culinary treats.

Why is Halloween not Celebrated in India?

Only people in the United States and Europe are aware of this festival, but things are changing thanks to satellite television, which broadcasts Hollywood movies and shows. A slew of fashion magazines has written stories about it. Many restaurants and eateries are now offering Halloween-themed menus. They’re turning it into a business opportunity. Chocolate is sold in the name of Halloween.

It is not customary in India to commemorate the departed souls and saints by emphasizing horror, ghosts, and violence. Fasting, prayer, and charity are common ways of remembering in Indian traditions.

Halloween is all about dressing up in spooky costumes, listening to scary stories, and eating special treats. It is a time to celebrate and welcome the new season with joy. Several Western festivals are widely celebrated in India. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas are just a few examples. Halloween fosters the development of imagination, particularly in children. Halloween can also help dispel ghost myths and superstitions. Of course, Halloween, like all festivals, should be promoted with ventures, exclusive offers, and entertainment. It is, after all, just a festival. It is a day to celebrate with one another, have fun, and exchange gifts.

Festivals are all about spreading joy and celebrating life. And Halloween accomplishes just that. Why say no to a festival when it brings people together, brings cheer, and lifts spirits? So, get dressed up, put on your makeup, and come out to celebrate Halloween! 

Hope you found this article on Halloween in India helpful.

Halloween in India FAQs

When is Halloween observed?

Every year on October 31st, people celebrate Halloween.

Is Halloween well-known in India?

Halloween is popular in a number of cities, but it remains a niche event.

How should you dress for Halloween in India?

Dress up as witches, wizards, movie characters, and other characters.

How does Halloween differ in India from other countries?

It is distinct because it is specialised and not widely known.