Father’s Day Quiz- How Much Do You Know About This Special Day?



Father’s Day Quiz: This year we will celebrate Father’s Day on 19th June. Gifting them father’s day cards and celebrating is much anticipated. But do you know how this day originated? It was in 1910, when during a Mother’s day church service, Sonora Smart Dodd suggested that there should be a Father’s day too. The date decided for the celebrations was 19th June. Since then, on every third Sunday of June, we celebrate Father’s day.

“That was when the world wasn’t so big and I could see everywhere. It was when my father was a hero and not a human”

Markus Zusak

The importance of Father’s day lies in the sacrifices a father makes for his childre. The impact a father has on their children is immense. Fathers spend their lives building a home. They nurture their children. They play the role of both a father and a superhero. Hence, Father’s day is so special. But just like the origin of Father’s day, there are some facts unknown to people. Do you think you know them. Test your knowledge with the following Father’s day quiz questions.

Quiz On Father’s Day

Look at these questions of father’s day quiz. These are all related to the origin, significance, and celebration of father’s day. Attempt to answer.

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Q1. When do we celebrate Father’s day?

Answer- Third Sunday of June

Q2. Who started Father’s Day?
Answer- Sonora Smart Dodd

Q3. Where was first Father’s Day celebrated?

Answer- Spokane, Washington

Q4. When was the first Father’s Day celebrated?
Answer- 19th June 1910

Q5. What is the official flower of Father’s day?
Answer- Rose

Q6. When was Father’s Day made an official holiday in the United States?

Answer- 1972

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