Electric Vehicles Group Discussion Ideas – Is India ready for electric vehicles group discussion?



Electric Vehicles Group Discussion Ideas: Electric vehicles are also referred to as battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Instead of an internal combustion engine, these vehicles have an electric motor.  Electric vehicles are totally different from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. These vehicles use one or more electric motors for propulsion. Electric vehicles have a battery too that is charged via an electricity supply. The electric energy in these vehicles is then stored and used to power the electric motor of the vehicle. In this article, we are going to give you electric vehicles GD ideas. Read this article completely to get the best topics or ideas for your discussion.

Electric Vehicles Group Discussion Ideas – Future of Electric Vehicles in India

We are providing you with some famous and popular electric vehicle group discussion topics that you can use in your discussion. Check out the below-mentioned table to get the ideas:

Sr. No.EV Group Discussion Ideas
1Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?
2Future of Electric Vehicles in India
3Challenges of Electric Vehicles in India
4Are Electric Vehicles Environmental Friendly?
5Electric Vehicles Sustainability
6Electric Vehicles are important for Ecological Perspective
7Electric Vehicles are most appropriate for vehicles running on fuel
8Electric Vehicles and Mobility 
9Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles
10Electric Vehicles Market in India

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Advantages of Electric Vehicles in India

Below are the benefits of electric vehicles in India. Check out the points and understand more about the advantages of these vehicles.

  • Environmental Friendly: It is stated that Electric Vehicles are 100% eco-friendly. These vehicles help to reduce pollution because they do not emit smoke or toxic gasses into the environment which leads to global warming.
  • Needs Less Maintenance: These electric vehicles require less maintenance than the other conventional vehicles. In these vehicles, there are fewer fluids (like oil and transmission fluid) to change and there are only fewer moving parts. 
  • Cost-Effectively: These vehicles are cost-effective as they use electricity to charge their batteries instead of using fossil fuels like diesel or petrol. In these vehicles, there will be only electricity cost but charging an electric vehicle is cheaper than filling petrol or diesel for travel purposes.
  • Financial Benefits: The registration fees and road tax on purchasing electric vehicles are lesser than diesel or petrol vehicles. Also, not only are Electric vehicles lighter but have faster acceleration too. 
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Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles 

If there are advantages of electric vehicles, then there are some common problems with these vehicles as well. We have mentioned some disadvantages of electric vehicles in the below-provided points. Check out those points and understand them.

  • Electric Vehicle Cost: The cost is the most concerning point for the buyer when it comes to buying an electric vehicle. However, there are many incentives provided by the central and state governments. But the common condition in all policies of central or state govt. is that the incentives are only applicable for up to a certain number of vehicles only. Then, after removing the incentives the same electric vehicle which was earlier affordable became unaffordable.
  • Battery Cost of Electric Vehicles: It’s no more hidden that the battery used in electric vehicles (Li-ion battery) is built to last for 6-7 years or hardly 8 years. After the battery decay period of an electric vehicle battery, the user of the vehicle remains with no other option than to buy a newer battery which costs nearly 3/4th of the whole vehicle’s cost. So, the battery cost is going to be a pressure on the buyer of electric vehicles.
  •  Poor Infrastructure: Poor infrastructure is also going to be one of the major concerns for EV users. Poor infrastructure not only includes a lack of charging stations but also the lack of proper charging set up in the user’s home. Charging a heavier electric vehicle could be a major concern for its users if they lack proper set up near their place.

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Electric Vehicles in India GD Topic – Conclusion

Overall, with the help of Electric Vehicles Group Discussion Ideas, we came up with the conclusion that if electric vehicles have a lot of benefits, then their users can also face some major problems. The advantages of the environment are the most important for using electric vehicles but at the same time, the battery cost of electric vehicles also pressurizes the buyers to buy these types of vehicles. But we can’t deny the fact that electric vehicles are going to be the future of India. 

We hope that you must have got some useful Electric Vehicles Group Discussion Ideas in this article. Still, if you have any doubts or questions regarding the ideas for Electric Vehicles Group Discussion, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you and help you to get all your questions answered.